Ideas To Recycle Your Old Bicycles Wisely

Today we have got amazing and remarkable ideas to recycled old bicycles wisely. You will be amazed and encouraged to make things from your old bicycles. Old bicycles can be converted into remarkable things with a little effort and time. These things can be made by spending smaller amount of money or can be made free of cost. Many people used to throw away or sale out their old bicycles without noticing that they can make different things from old bicycles. You will get inspired from our ideas of recycling bicycles.

Recycled Bike Ideas

This is a fantastic idea of making various things from recycled bicycles. As you can see in the above picture, you will come across the coolest ideas of making planters from recycled bicycles. You will only need an old bicycle and plants to make this project. It can be made without spending a single penny.

Bike Parts chandelier

WOW! What an inspiring idea to recycle bicycle is this! This chandelier has been made from chains of bicycles and wheels of it. You can dangle it anywhere you want but it will look too good in a living or drawing room.

Bicycle Parts Table

This is another awesome design and idea of recycled bicycle. The wheel of recycled bicycle has been placed at the top of this table while the down surface has been made from other bicycle parts. You can place this table at the center or at the corner of your room to beautify your room.

Bike Garden Ideas

COOL! This is a very awesome bicycle wall planter. You can beautify your lawn with this awesome project. You can decorate this bicycle more with lights and small lamps.

Ways to Recycle Bike Parts

AWESOME! You can d├ęcor your roofs and walls with the bicycle parts. Look at the above picture, you will see that the bicycle parts are placed at distant places which is presenting a beautiful appearance.

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