Recycled Automotive Parts Innovative Crafts

Recycling automotive parts for making different things that you can use in your home for decorating. It’s all about the creativity that need you little effort and time. Turn your  trash into a usefull things with uniqueness. Automotive recycling is about recycling  vehicles by using their damage spare parts. There are so many organizations that are especially made to reproduce different things by using the automotive spare parts. we are also giving the ideas of utilizing them.

(1) Mechanical clock:

Mechanical clock is the invention that’s demand nowadays increasing its slight costly that can be easily purchase, it gives ancient look. By using spare parts of cycle you can also make this at home. Take cycle chain and wheels and combine them as its showing in image. For dial use needles and metal plate by writing numbers on it now join all together and you will have hclock like this.

Repurposed Auto Parts Clock

(2) Wheel clock:

Clocks are use as decoration, Ancient kind of decorating items always attract your guests. For this you just need to attach needles oon wheel to make this.

Recycled Auto Parts Clock

(3) Wheel table:

By using wheel and wheel plate  you will be able to make this unique side table by attaching them with the help of wooden or metal rod.

Upcycled Automotive Parts Reading Lamp

(4) Mechanical crocodile:

Take spare parts of your old inoperable vehicles, Recycle them in a way that they will start looking like crocodile as shown in image.

Recycled Automotive Parts Alligator

(5) Inoperable car to operable:

Use futile parts of your inoperable vehicle to make the car. You need some metal sheets, Car wheels etc just arrange them to make this.

Recycled Automotive Parts Car

(6)  Mechanical bike:

You can make this awesome. Looking decoration bike by collecting some useless metal parts.

Reuse Cars & Bikes Parts Toy Bike

(7) Lamp:

This lamp is such a beautiful creativity in which a beautiful lady is holding rugby ball. By fixing different sizes of wheel you could also make that at home.

Upcycled Car Parts Trophy