45 Awesomely Creative Ways to Reuse Restyle and Rewear Old T-Shirts

People used to give away their old T-shirts to someone when they are tired of wearing it. They think that the T-shirts are now good for nothing. For those people we have brought today some remarkable ideas and thoughts of reusing the old T-shirts. You can wear the old T-shirts by giving them a new look. There are different ways to recycle your old T-shirts if you have know-how about the DIY. A lot of DIY experts used to rewear their T-shirts in a new style and they make different things by recycling them. You can also do it. Just follow the concept of our ideas and you will do just fine.

45 Awesomely Creative Ways to Reuse Restyle and Rewear Old T-Shirts

You can now stitch your old T-shirts and make a bag from them. You can use this bag to carry different items from the market as well. Do not worry about the tearing of this bag as it has been made from a T-shirt, which means it is durable.

Old T Shirt Recycled into Shopping Bag

It is another awesome hand bag made by stitching the old T-shirts. You will just have to sew your T-shirts and your own hand bag will be ready. You can make lots of bags from your T-shirts. These handbags are easy to carry as they are light in weight too.

Recycled T-Shirt Tote Bag

WOW! What a wonderful way to recycle the old T-shirts. You can now cut your T-shirts and then roll them. A thick thread will be made. You will have to make a couple of threads like we have shown you and join them together to make this necklace. It is a very light weight T-shirt necklace.

Recycled T-Shirt Necklace

You can now make a cover of a cushion by recycling your old T-shirt. You will just have to measure the length and width of your cushion and then will need to cut down the T-shirt according to it. After that, stitch the T-shirt and your cover will be ready.

Old T-Shirt Pillow

If you know about stitching then you can beautify your new T-shirt with the help of an old one. Cut down your old T-shirt in different frills and then stitch them on your new T-shirt. It is a simple method but you will need to have skills of stitching and cutting.

Ruffle Shirt

WOW! Turn your T-shirt into a cap! What an idea is this! Cut your old T-shirt and then make thick threads and roll them up. After that, you can make flowers from them like we have made on the cap. You can cut your T-shirt and shape it into a cap like we have shown.

T-Shirt Hat

It is a necklace completely made up from the old T-shirts. It is a party wear necklace. If you are tired of wearing your old T-shirts then give it this look and use it again. You can also gift this necklace to any dear one.

Fabric Necklace

You can make different designs by recycling your old T-shirts. It is a bit complicated project but you will need to understand the idea first. We have made flowers from the old T-shirt but you can make your own designs. You can also make a belt from your old T-shirt. Just look at the green belt which has been made from the old T-shirt.

Embellished T-Shirt

Who can ever think that a DIY expert can change the old T-shirt into a skirt! Look at the picture and you will see an amazing shirt and skirt. It is a very cheap project to make as you will not have to spend a single penny on it.

Dress Shirt Skirt

You can now embellish your new T-shirts by recycling your old T-shirts. We have adorned the orange T-shirt by making lace from the old white T-shirts. We have placed the white lace on the orange T-shirt to beautify it.

Craftan-Inspired T-Shirt

Now turn your old T-shirts into a friendship band. You can now make many bands by designing your old T-shirts in the way we have shown you. The method is very simple to copy. These bands are easy to wear and are not irritating.

Jersey Necklace

WOW! Look at the picture and you will come across a beautiful method of recycling the old T-shirts. You can now beautify your skirts by making frills from old T-shirts. You can also make laces from your old T-shirts.

Lace Stripe Tee

WOW! Make a pattern or texture design on your new T-shirts by reusing the old ones. We have cut down the old T-shirts in a criss-cross manner and then sew it on the new T-shirt. It is a wonderful method to make different patterns and designs on the new T-shirts.

Lacy Tee

You can now make flowers from the old T-shirts. We have made the flowers and then placed a pearl on it. It is a wonderful thing to gift someone. You can make it for your friends or loved ones.

No Sew Tattered Roses

WOW! What a lovely pattern made by recycling the old T-shirts. There are different ways to beautify your new clothes by the old ones although this one is a fabulous and easy to be done.

Side Panel T-Shirt Refashion

Do you have pets at home? Well why don’t you make this type of project for them? You can now cut and stitch your old T-shirts to make this piece of art. Your pet will love to chew this beautiful art piece.

T-Shirt Dog Toy

You can now make your muffler from the old T-shirts. You can cut big pieces of T-shirt and then sew them together to make this stylish muffler. You can wear it casually or in a party as well.

T-Shirt Cowl Scarf

Want to save your gadgets at one place? Then why don’t you use your old T-shirt as a gadget keeper! Cut down the T-shirt, sew it and make pockets in it. In the pockets you can put your data cables, hand free etc.

T-Shirt Laptop Case

WOW! We have made a beautiful mini-jacket which has a bow on it. You can make it from your old T-shirts. It is easy to wear and people will never know that you are wearing your old T-shirt in new style.

T-Shirt Shrug

It is another awesome and inspirational way to reuse the old T-shirts. You can now put hot cups on this item which has been made from different colorful old T-shirts. Your table or other furniture will not get damage from the hot cups when you will put them on this cloth.

T-Shirt Yarn Placemat

It is also an eye-catching craft which you can make all by yourself by using your old T-shirt. It is very simple and easy to make. You can make it from different colorful T-shirts.

T-Shirt Tassel

We have used a number of T-shirts to make this craft. You will have to cut down the T-shirts and then in circles, you will have to put them. Do not put the same colored T-shirt on the other as it will not look good.

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