Breathtaking DIY Wooden Lamp Projects to Enhance Your Home Decor

Wood is a very fine and durable material. It is used all over the world for various reasons. It is used to make homes, furniture and many other things. However, today we have got the best lamps that are made with the help of wood. You can make different types of wood lamp projects at home easily. If you are thinking that you know nothing about how to use wood and make something new on your own, do not worry! We are here to guide you and provide you top class ideas. You can easily copy the designs we have shown you below.

Breathtaking DIY Wooden Lamp Projects to Enhance Your Home Decor

It is time for you to make something that is more than superb. You can make this lamp in a way that you have to make square shaped wooden boxes in which you have to cut square piece from where the light of lamp could pass. We have made the base quite big.

Creative Wooden Lamp

You can now opt for this beautiful design. It is not available in marketplaces yet so you have to make this wooden lamp on your own. We have left equal spaces between these wooden pieces.

Unique Wood Lamp

You can make this attractive wooden lamp in which we have placed the lamp upside down. We have used open wiring for this project. You can put it on your center table to beautify it or can use it in your bedrooms.

Rectangular Shape Wooden Lamp

You can make wooden lamp as if you have made wooden buildings. We have placed lamp in the middle of this project. You can use it perfectly as a decorative item. You have to cut each wooden piece in same shape but different size.

Decorative Wooden Lamp

Be very careful about the measurements in this wooden lamp project. We have made this design with the help of a sharp cutter. We have placed the lamp in the middle of these pieces.

Organic Wooden Lamp

You can make this awesome old style lamp but have to leave spaces from where the light could easily go through. Use small wooden boxes in this project.

Wooden Lamp Projects

You have to place wooden pieces in vertical form and behind them, put a lamp to complete this project.

Wooden Wall Lamp

You can now make people of wood and then put small lamps on their bodies as if they are their heads. Only use small wires for these small bulbs.

Now make similar pieces of wood and then put them in round. You have to place a lamp in their middle to have this awesome effect.

Cute Wooden Lamp

You have to formulate the vintage style lamp project by using wooden pieces in round form. After that, place bright and big bulb in this lamp project.

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