Creative DIY Buttons Craft Ideas and Projects

Buttons are present at everyone’s home. People used to throw or give away their old clothes. Well, if you have old clothes then you have to apart the buttons from them and recycle them in different ways. You should take care of the buttons and try to collect as many as you can. Buttons are also so cheap in price so you can buy them as well. The DIY experts can turn the old buttons into something stylish and unique. We have used lots of buttons in different ways. Check out the gallery below in which we have shown you some DIY buttons craft projects.

Creative DIY Buttons Craft Ideas and Projects

You can décor your bags with different buttons. You can now change the look of your old bag and give it a unique look only just using by old buttons. We have gathered a number of buttons which are of different shapes.

Button Handbag

You can also now decorate wall clocks with buttons. We have collected a number of buttons which are of different shades and sizes. We have placed the buttons at the sides of the wall clock. The buttons are providing a beautiful look to this wall clock.

Button Clock

You can now make a bouquet by just recycling the old buttons. We have crafted this project by making each button flower at a time and then joined them all to make this masterpiece. You should use different types and colorful buttons. The more the stylish buttons you will use, the more your bouquet will look good.

Button Bouquet

It is now time to play chess with buttons. You can use a cloth or a piece of paper on which you can play chess. It does not matter if you have colorful buttons or not. You can play chess through them.

Button Checker Board

It is another wonderful art which we made from old buttons. If you are an artist then this project would not be tough for you. Buttons can be used in this awesome manner. This project has been made with excellence.

Button Tree Bag

You can adorn this tree with beautiful blue and white buttons. First of all, create a tree and then place buttons on its branches as we have shown you above. You should arrange the buttons in a perfect order.

Turquoise Button Tree

You can make beautiful wind chimes with the help of old buttons. Take a thread and then place colorful buttons on it. At last, arrange all the threads together to create these colorful buttons wind chimes.

Rainbow Button Wind Chime

You can now make different designs on your jeans or other clothes through buttons. We have used same color buttons and then placed them one by one on the jeans with paste. You can make any design or style.

Button Skull Jacket

You can put different buttons on the paper to create the above piece of art. You should use colorful buttons like we have utilized.

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