Creative Ways of Reusing Old Suitcases

Have you ever thought about reusing the old suitcases as the piece of decoration or furniture in your home place areas? Well latest trends of home designing are being spinning around, according to which you can transform your old suitcases into the exciting vintage style of beautiful decorations for the home use. Not just for the decorations, but there are wide range of the designs where the old suitcases are perfectly used for functional items as well as furniture pieces. You will be using original old suitcases of yours that will give your decoration projects a brilliant feel of being vintage. Now let’s see that what thrilling and best you can create by using your old suitcases!

Creative Ways of Reusing Old Suitcases

You can fantastically make the best use of your old suitcase into the shape of the table with storage as well. You can even make it change into the look of a complete managed picnic case that will look perfect. Although this table is much settled with simple designing but you can add it with creativity by collage designs over it. It is a great idea to keep your accessories in an organized way.

Recycled Suitcase and Sewing Machine Table with Storage

You can even perfectly use the old suitcase by transforming it into the shape of the rolling bar cart. It would look so attractive for your bar counter portion. You can blend it with the versions of the shelves plus the rolling wheels. It will look so creative and unique for sure.

Recycled Suitcase Cabinet

In order to turn your house lounge area into attractive features, we would suggest you with the use of old suitcase in the style of table. This center table will give out an outstanding impression as you will amazingly add it with the blend of old vintage suitcase effect into it.

Recycled Suitcase Table

Have you ever image that an old suitcase can be reused in a creative way into a brand latest chair style? You can create an awesome vintage impact in your house by adding it with the vintage suitcase chair and a suitcase table by the side of it. For such style of designing you need two old suitcases, thin plywood and foams or pillows. It will look super cool!

Recycled Suitcase Seat and Table

Using the old suitcases as the office desk table is the perfect thing you can do with your old suitcases. It might looks intricate in terms of designing but at the same time it do stand out to be awe-inspiring looking as well. It looks unique and antique. Get ready to make it as part of your office room!

Recycling Suitcases into Office Desk

Well, another one of the interesting thing which you can do with your old suitcase is creating it into the design of chairs or ottoman. You simply have to attach the four legs along with the suitcase and with some of the comfortable upholstery. You can either keep the suitcase close for sitting or can even open it for creating the backrest flavor.

Recycled Suitcase Comfy Couch

This is a brilliant concept of decorating a nightstand in your room by adding some uniqueness into it. This unique flavor can be mixed up with the old suitcase use in it. You can take various sizes or similar sizes of the suitcases and pile them up together to create a tremendous suitcase piled nightstand.

Reusing Suitcases Night Stand

This is quite an exceptional and different concept of idea in order to transform your old suitcases into the wall shelves. It gives out the impact of the conceptual art work in which all the suitcases are stick on half way of the wall.

Reused Suitcases Wall Shelves

Reusing the old suitcase in the stylish creation of the suitcase table is an innovative creation to add in your house. No matter your house is renovated in the modern designing concepts, your one single addition of vintage style of suitcase table will bring a taste of artistic look in it.

Suitcase Coffee Table

If you can easily search for the vintage old suitcases in the various decreasing sizes, then you can favorably pile them up to create an interesting suitcase piled lamp stand or nightstand. Be careful in terms of placing the suitcases over one another firmly so that you can easily place your lamp on top of it.

Reused Suitcase End Table

This is another outstanding use of the old suitcase in the creation of beautiful vintage suitcase chair. It is quite simple in terms of designing and would add up your whole house with the decent and sophisticated blends. Are you ready to make it part of your house living room?

Recycled Suitcase Seat

By taking into use your old suitcase you can turn it into the exciting shape of the cozy cat bed as well. This vintage suitcase will comprise of one half of the cat bed. All in all, we can say that, this is a perfect design for homes that do have a cat pet in their homes.

Reused Suitcase Cat Bed

Setting your house with the vintage suitcase chair or couch sets are becoming one of the latest furniture trends these days. It might look cool but at the same time it would stand sophisticated as well. If you are planning to renovate your house, do make sure you add suitcase chairs too!

Recycling Suitcases Furniture

Have you ever thought about adding a suitcase dresser in your house? Let’s try it! If you have so many old colorful suitcases in your house then you can pleasantly create a dresser stand with it. You can arrange them all in a dresser horizontal shape. You have to use leather belt and two pipe straps as the support system for the suitcases dresser opening.

Recycled Suitcases Creation

You can artistically make the best use of the old suitcase featuring you with the project of couch set or ottoman. You can take it as the form of the sofa piece too. It looks stylish and is much different in terms of appearance as compare to ordinary designed couch sets.

Vintage Suitcase Modern Chair

You can sophisticated make the use of the old suitcases in the ideal creation of the chair or ottoman. You can perfectly place it in your living room or the lounge area that will surely bring an attractive look. Are you ready to try your suitcase for this creation?

Suitcase Chair

This is a last creation of the old suitcase into the comfy designed chair for your house use. You need to arrange a old suitcase whose inner side will be set with the soft comfortable piece of foam for sitting purposes. Its supportive legs are made from wooden material.

Recycled Suitcase Chair