Genius Ways to Reuse Your Empty Egg Carton Boxes

There are lots of things which you can do by using the egg carton boxes. These boxes are so useful and can be used in different ways. As we all know eggs are very delicate to handle, if a box can handle them easily then it would be able to handle almost anything. Today we are here to explain you some awesome ways to reuse the empty egg carton boxes. However, people used to throw these boxes in the dust bin. You should give life to those egg carton boxes. These projects are very cheap to make and the designs are eye-catching.

Genius Ways to Reuse Your Empty Egg Carton Boxes

Look at this picture, we have painted these egg carton boxes in beautiful shades and made drawing on them. You can also décor and design them in this way. After that, we have placed some decorative items that are present in the sea to beautify it more.

Egg Carton Ocean

If you want to dangle something which is very eye-catching and lovely then reuse the egg carton boxes. You would first need to cut shapes from a box like we have done and then color each of them in different shades. You would then have to make eyes on these pieces and make this wall art.

Egg Carton Jellyfish

You can now make train by reusing the egg carton boxes. You can give your favorite shades to the train. Join the parts of the train with thick and colorful thread to make its appearance lovelier. You can make the train as big or small as you want.

Egg Carton Train

You can now make these awesome pieces of art for your little princess. As you can see, we have made flowers by just reusing the egg carton boxes. The basic step is to cut the boxes.

Egg Carton Floral Fairy Hair Wreath

Why don’t you make funky glasses for yourself? We have made this awesome and funky glass by cutting down the egg carton box. We have also useful beads in this project.

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