DIY Recycled Material for Birds Feeder

Birds add beauty in our lives in the morning birds makes our morning more fresh and charming that’s why we should save them. If you are interested in doing something unique and new and don’t want to waste your precious time in doing nothing. No worries, we have so many ideas for you. Make something for birds you can use your used things for making feeders for birds. Just need to use some useless things you can make interesting and wonderful things for birds and make your outdoor side more beautiful make your home clean and recycle your wastage and change it into a lovely things take some plastic bottles decorate them with flowers ( you can use your useless plastic spoon by melting them with warm water for making flowers) connect a plastic soft straw on the top of the bottle fill it with water and hang it on the outside of your door or in your lawn and add the more beauty in  your life. By doing so you can clean your home without making any mess. DO it yourself and amaze your friends. It’s an interesting way to do something good for animals and save the birds save healthy environment.

Recycled  Bottle Birds Feeder DIY Recycled Bottle Birds Feeder DIY Recycled Plastic Bottle Birds Feeder

Recycled Plastic Bottle Birds Feeder
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