DIY Crafts or Paper Stars Excellent for Party or Function

DIY Paper Stars Crafts Ideas

Like all other DIY projects, paper stars having luminous quality can give wonderful look of your room. Take drawing sheet of any color and make diagram of any size measuring the angles from the middle and also on the two edges of corners of any star. While cutting any corner of the star, you should […]

Design for Home Recycled Light Bulbs

Recycled Light Bulbs Home Decoration

When it comes to DIY projects, you can think about many different things and creative in your own unique style. The uniqueness certainly depends on the fact that how imaginative you are and how well you can incorporate your ideas into the DIY projects reality. In this exciting blog I am going to talk about […]

Beautiful Flowers Made from Coffee Filter Paper

Coffee Filter Paper Beautiful Flowers

If you have extra coffee paper filters, you can easily make beautiful flowers out of them. This is a very unique idea and I hope that you would like it. Materials: Coffee filters (4 per flower) Small rubber bands or small hair bands Wooden skewer or dowel Old book pages Scissors Hot glue and hot […]

“Steps to Recycle A PC”

Recycled PC

Recycling is defined as process used to convert waste into reusable material. Or recycling is a process to change waste materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, Recycling art now a days is an global requirement. In this century technology is getting better and better […]

Awesome DIY Recycled Book Page

Recycled Book Pages Wreath

Turn the old book page into a wonderful and useful wreath tutorial, which is awesome and eye-catching. If you have a book and you want to throw it into trash then it is better to use it for some decoration purpose. You should have some tools or equipments like plumbing insulation tube, book, duct tape, […]

Turn Recycle Yogurt Cups into Elegant & Beautiful Bracelets

Recycled Beautiful Bracelets Designs

The wonderful project of recycle yogurt cups in beautiful and attractive bracelets avoids people to throw such things in the trash. If you have some yogurt cup in your home, then use them for purposeful work. Take these yogurt cups and cut them with sharp knife in suitable round shapes. These plastic yogurt cups have […]

An Amazing Idea DIY Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs

Table Top using Recycled DVDs Idea

The beautiful and elegant mosaic tile birdbath can be made with the use of recycled DVDs. The normal birdbaths are provided during the summer season for the birds so that they can take bath there and enjoy with the weather condition. But there is consistent danger of falling of the birdbath and it can be […]

How to make an alligator affirmation box?

DIY Alligator Idea

Words of affirmation speak the language of love and they depict real love and harmony for each other. It helps to build self confidence, inner strength and higher self esteem. This article will help you to explore the true sense of love. We will teach you how to make an affirmation box. This special box […]

DIY Recycled Hanging Planter Best Use of Waste Material

DIY Recycled Hanging Planter

In the dense populated cities, houses are congested and there is no space available in the home to place clay pots to grow plants. It is best use of different waste or junk things to use them in effective way to grow plants in them. Now fresh milk or juices are provided in the cartons […]