Decorate Your House at Halloween with Recycled Items

Recycled Bottles Beautiful Halloween

Reduce the decoration expense on this Halloween by choosing recycled items to decorate your house. It will reduce your expenses also. On this Halloween, engage your kids in a creative project because the plastic soda bottles can be decorated to convert in hanging lights. The project is really easy, just collect some soda bottles and […]

Creative, but Interesting Things to Do with Egg Cartons

Recycled Egg Cartons Ideas

Egg cartons are available in almost every house, and instead of throwing them out, you can recycle them in a creative manner. Collect your egg cartons to recycle them to design other useful items. You can use paper products and clear plastic to make it useful for other purposes. Following are some ideas to do […]

Creatively Recycle Scrap Metal for Money

Recycled Copper

Recycle metals, including copper, steel, aluminum, brass, iron and wires. These are very precious metals, and the people throw them due to ignorance. Just like plastic bottles, clothing and newspaper, the metal items can also be recycled. The scrap metal items, including copper, steel, brass, wires, aluminum and iron. People do not know the importance […]

Creative Ways to Reuse your Own Items

Beautiful Rug for Home

Decorate your house with the help of used items by renewing them. It will reduce your expense and enable you to do everything in an efficient manner. If you want to decorate your house, think out the box, and consider various changes in the existing items to reuse them. You can interchange various items according […]

Design a Colorful Bike with Injection Molded Recycled Plastic

Recycled Plastic Bike Idea

A colorful concept is given by the Israeli student to design a durable and lightweight cycle with the help of colorful injection molds. Melted and molded injections can be used to design a lightweight, colorful and durable bike. A colorful concept combines cycling and recycling is based on the Frii design. The plastic is molded […]