DIY Recycled Kids Paper Train

Recycled Paper Train for Kids

This is a special thing for your kids. Kids always try to do some innovative and new. Kids amazed with toys and playing items if you entertain your kids with. DIY toys you can do it at your home by recycling some paper material and bottle caps this is so easy and interesting. Supplies for Recycled […]

DIY Recycle Plastic bottle Flower Decoration Piece

Recycled Plastic Bottle Decoration Piece

Material: Plastic bottles Scissors Knife Green paper Plastic straw’s Method: Step 1 Cut the plastic bottle lid. Step 2 Use scissor or knife to cutting plastic bottles into small parts cut plastic bottle into 2/3 from top to bottom and leaving 2 cm at the bottom of the bottle. Step 3 Cutting green or yellow […]

DIY Crafts from Plastic Bottles

Recycled Plastic Bottle

Plastic bottles are very common waste which is polluted our environment much fast we should apply some recycling method on plastic bottles like soda and juice bottles. We should save our nature and environment from pollution there are many ideas about that to recycle this we can make many kids’ items with plastic bottles. If […]

DIY Recycled Crafts with Sweaters

Recycled Sweater Ideas

Welcome back again dear user as you know we are talking about do it yourself recycled crafts. Make amazing and unique things with the help of useless things you can use your used items for that purpose. You just need to take some useless and old sweaters for making shades interior decoration pieces, lamps, pillows, […]

Wine Bottles Recycle into Lamp by DIY

Grouping Glass Bottles Lamps

Recycling is a very useful habit and also interesting because we feel a great happiness when we recycle some wastage into useful things. But there is one thing important which is idea and method to recycle the waste material many waste items surrounding of us which we ignore but these are become very useful like […]

Recycled Old Material Crafts Projects

Aster Eggs Decoration Idea

Nothing is useless waste until we can make something useful with waste material. Like wooden crafts and many household items. Wood is the beset material for recycling we can use shipping pallets for making furniture for our bedrooms lounges lawns and so more we can also use waste plastic bottles to recycle in other plastic […]