Unique Idea Fuzzy Bunny Slippers from Recycled Felted Sweaters for Kids

DIY Fuzzy Bunny Kids Slippers Pattern

The DIY projects are always best to do as you get a great chance to actually do creative things and also you can utilize many recycled items. I am sharing a very interesting DIY project that is being done using felted wool sweaters and this indeed is one of the best way to keep the […]

Creative Sense Turn Rubbish into Masterpiece of Recycled Art

Old Glass Bottles Crafts

There are various creative and imaginative craft designers, who prepare the products with the help of other usable things. These recycled things can be helpful in home for different purposes. You can have used glass bottles in your homes, which are emptied after their use. Then you can cut these bottles in such shape to […]

Decorate Your Garden with Recycled Material

Garden Decor Recycled Material

Use recycled material and decorates your garden without incurring maximum expenses. No need to look far, because the recycled material is easily available in your warehouse. It is really easy to decorate your garden with recycled material, because there are lots of interesting products can be used as garden ornaments available in your own home. […]

Colorful Cardboard Artime Clock for your Desk or Wall

Cardboard Clock Designs

It is really easy to design a colorful clock with the help of colorful cardboard to hang on your wall or place on the desk without any trouble. You can easily design a lightweight, versatile and durable clock for the wall of your drawing room, or your office desk without any expensive material. It is […]

Design Fake Weapons with Scraps to Convey Important Message

Recycled Wood Into Fake Weapons

Fake weapons are designed and decorated with the scrap material by Edelmann to convey an important message in light and humorous way. The weapons were basically designed for the safety of human beings, but now there are lots of misuses of these weapons. People are using them in the wrong way for their personal benefits […]