Creatively Design a Utensil Holder with Plastic Bottle

Recycled Plastic Bottle

Do not throw stored plastic bottles in the garbage can, because it can increase the pollution level, use them to make different kids crafts and pencil holder to save the space. The plastic bottles stored in the house can be used to design kids crafts and holder to store eating utensils, like forks, spoons, knives, […]

Convert Recycled Plastic Bottles into a Toy Helicopter

Recycled Bottles Toy Helicopter

Creatively use plastic bottles to develop toy helicopter, and it will be a great project for your children to involve them in creative activities. Putting plastic bottles in the recycle bin is not useful, because you can develop some toys with their help. You can engage your children in some creative projects, because with their […]

Amazing Designs of Pencil Holders with Recyclable Material

Button Jar Recycled Pencil Holder

Designing a creative pencil holder with the recyclable material is an interesting back to school project, because you can remember your school days with this colorful innovation. If you want some funny and interesting projects, start with a pencil holder that is a simple thing: Classic Pencil Holder: Scratched and damaged food container can be […]

Creative and Interesting use of Old Tires

Recycle Tire Ideas

The rubber tires are recycled for different purposes, because these are not suitable to use in vehicles due to wear and punctures. The tires can be used in the garden or home decoration. Old tires are really problematic waste because of their large volume and durable structure. It can be a source of environmental pollution, […]

Creative Playground Makeover with Recycled Items

Creat Playground Recycled Items

Playground is a specific place for children to play and spend some leisure time. A small playground can be designed with the help of recycled items available at home. Looking to design a little playground for your kids, try different things and make it stronger for durability. Egg cartons can be used to design seesaw […]