Broken Pots Turned into Brilliant Fairy Garden Ideas

Broken Pot Gnome Garden

Pots are very diligent to handle. With a minor shock they can be broken into pieces. People used to throw them away when they are broken. On the other hand, you can give them a second life. The broken pots can be used in a magnificent way to beautify your garden. You can also put […]

Unique DIY Hanging Planters You Can Easily Make At Home

Rotating Hanging Planter

Planters are available in different styles. They all are used to adorn the indoor or outdoor spaces. They are readily available in the nurseries. Planters are not so expensive but if you are still having a budget problem then do not worry. We have the perfect solution to your low budget problem. You can now […]

Recycle Art for Home and Patio Decor Planters / Pots

Glass Bottle Planters for Home Decor

If you are a person who loves to decorate his/her home than this article is something you would admire the most. We have got these beautiful pieces of arts which you will like a lot. Today we are going to present you some beautiful planters and planter pots which can be used to decorate any […]

Inspirations on Modernizing The Garden With Planters

Lounge Terrace Planters

Plants play a very important role in our life. They bring us oxygen which is the main key for our living. Many people used to place planters inside or outside their homes to beautify their homes and to clean the environment. We have got some of the best ideas for you to decor your garden […]

Illuminated Planters For A Romantic Look Of The Backyard

Planters for Garden

Illuminated Planters are so stunning and awe-inspiring because of which they make the places more enchanting. These Illuminated Planters are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. They are usually made up from translucent materials and also the lamps fixed in them are energy savings. Many of these Illuminated Planters have changing LED lights effects and […]

DIY Recycled Pallet Planters

Pallet Wall Planter

The recycling of wood pallets has received a fast reputation and the DIY wood pallets furniture ideas have become increasingly more innovative. The DIY recycled pallet planters have emerged as very popular recently. Craftsmen and architects create DIY recycled pallet planters and lawn fixtures. When disassembled, they can be used as gasoline or as a […]